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Between flavours and identity Between flavours and identity

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Between flavours and identity

Sometimes a well-prepared dish, making the most of each ingredient and respecting local tradition, manages to describe a territory better than a thousand words. This is precisely the mission of our chefs: taking our guests on a sensory journey among the best products of Trentino.

As you know, our territory is complex and rich, ranging from the highest peaks of the Dolomites to the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda. Up there, you’ll find glaciers and edelweiss, down here, olive trees and the whitefish; up there, pastures and alpine cheeses, down here, the beaches and refined wines of our valleys. As it happens in nature, in our kitchen these two worlds also come together - we serve polenta, luganega sausage, local mushrooms and sauerkraut, as well as fried freshwater fish and other fish specialties from Lake Garda. In doing so, the multifaceted but unmistakable Trentino identity can be expressed in our menu and on our tables.

The guarantee of local producers

Our commitment to sharing the identity of this territory is what makes the difference, alongside our knowledge of the Trentino food and wine tradition. Most importantly, the choice of ingredients is what sets us apart. The producers of the La Cantinota restaurant are selected very carefully: let's think of the Felicetti pasta factory, essential for the preparation of our spaghettone alla carbonara with alpine char and organic egg; or the Alter Keller delicatessen, which supplies us with carne salada and sausages, and again, the Predazzo social dairy, the Bertamini farm just around the corner, and our wineries, such as Simoncelli and Le Fontanelle. Without the craft and commitment of each of our local suppliers, our narration of Trentino would sadly be incomplete.

Always the right pairing

With a great geographical position, favourable climatic conditions, long and solid experiences of those who take care of vineyards and winemaking, it is not surprising that the quality of Trentino wines is very high. This is especially true for those grapes that thrive in cold temperatures, such as Pinot Noir and Sauvignon, but also and especially for our own native grapes, starting with Teroldego, Marzemino and Nosiola. Our wine list aims to best represent the production of our territory, always offering the ideal pairing to enhance our dishes; and it is completed with the best selection of Italian labels, ranging from Alto Adige to Tuscany, in an endless journey of discovery.

Space for innovation and creativity

Respect for tradition cannot be translated into excessive rigidity, just as the vocation to promote our territory cannot restrict our horizons. This is why our chefs always leave room for innovation, reinventing classic dishes with local products or with new cooking techniques; and for this reason Italian tradition manages to find a place in our menu, but always through a personal interpretation, to delight and intrigue every palate.