La Cantinota Locanda De Manincor - ristorante tipico Arco(TN)
Surrounded by vegetation and rocks Surrounded by vegetation and rocks

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Surrounded by vegetation and rocks

The location of Locanda La Cantinota is certainly unlike any other. Our inn stands out both for the beauty of the area around it and - most importantly - for the uniqueness of its architecture, which merges with the rocky walls of Monte Brione, the protagonist of our internal rooms. Choosing La Cantinota means relaxing amidst luxuriant nature and the fascinating severity of the rocks, between the mountains and the lake.

Linfano, between the countryside and the lake

Our inn is located in Linfano, between Riva del Garda and Torbole. In front of us, where the rocky cliffs of Monte Brione plunge into the water, Lake Garda stretches like a magnificent fjord over 50 kilometers long, offering unforgettable views.

The beaches are close at hand, while one of the most important agricultural areas for the food and wine tradition of Trentino extends peacefully around us. Looking around, your gaze will get lost in the orderly expanses of apple orchards, olive groves and vineyards, not to mention vegetable gardens, where, among others, grows the famous Broccolo di Torbole, a Slow Food Presidium. It is thanks to the beneficial effect of the lake, helped by the Ora and Pelèr winds that blow here, that this unique broccoli variety is able among the snowy peaks of Trentino.

On the slopes of Monte Brione

Monte Brione is what truly defines our inn, even before the vegetation and the nearby lake. In fact, La Cantinota is carved out of the rock, with the Brione cliff becoming the wall of our hall as well as of some of the rooms in the inn.

This strange hill with rocky sides covered in forest rises in the alluvial plain of the Sarca, and our restaurant is located on its eastern slopes - above this natural platform, the mountain becomes a biotope, with vegetation that can’t be found anywhere else. According to some botanists, around 500 different types of plants grow on the top of Brione, and therefore this area is protected.

Eating among vineyards and olive trees

If Monte Brione represents and symbolizes at the same time the constant presence of nature in our business, the long relationship between the managers of this historic establishment and the local area can be found all around the inn. The centuries-old olive trees, as well as the vineyards, create precious shaded spaces, while the evening breeze of the Ora cools down even the hottest summer evenings.